About TechnoSiren

January 28, 2024

Hi, I’m Brianna Privett and I’ve been creating amazing websites for artists and businesses on the WordPress platform since 2005.

TechnoSiren was born from a combination of magical ingredients – a mythical domain name I’d kept since the 90s, a dream I had about a WordPress theme framework I named String Theory, and a career-spanning mission to give web users the tools to be web creators without frustration.

I like to speak at WordCamps and chat with friends on podcasts.

I eventually figured out that a lot of my early web experiments were gaming engines and tiny language model AI – small datasets, natural language processing. I’m exploring those subjects in new ways, with immense curiosity, while keeping the needs of human creators at the forefront of my explorations.

If you’re interested in working together, please fill out my contact form. If you are curious about my explorations in tech and the arts, sign up for my mailing list!

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